Jan 31, 2014

Hartford 2D

In-game screenshot of the tracks through and around Hartford, CT. The NH is the only railroad in town.

Jan 30, 2014

Just Another Junction

Or is it?

Alternative names I have been contemplating for it:
"Junction of Madness"
"Spaghetti Junction"
"Signalman's Worst Nightmare"

Any other ideas?

It is, by the way, the junction of the three mainlines (New Haven/Springfield, Providence, and Middletown/Old Saybrook), the freight house complex, Hartford yard and engine facilities.

Jan 28, 2014

Version 2 Trackage

Here's a first glance at the trackage planned for version 2 of the VNHRR Springfield Line. With Hartford, CT, at the center of attention in V2, this expansion is going to double the main line and probably also the total trackage of our route.

Jan 8, 2014

First Progress Towards Version 2

The first tracks towards our next destination, Hartford, CT, have been placed. The new version will expand the mainline for about another dozen miles and add the vast maze of yard, mainline and industrial tracks in and around Hartford.
Below are two very early work in progress screenshots of Hartford Yard and Windsor: