Mar 26, 2016

A Closer Look: Meriden

In earlier posts, we have visited stations and industries between Hartford and Newington Jct., taken a closer look at Berlin, and now we continue our photo trip in the next stop along the line: Meriden, CT. The New Haven railroad's mainline tracks run through the middle of town, while the remains of the long abandoned Meriden,Waterbury & Connecticut River Railroad circle around town, used to reach a trap rock quarry and a couple of industries. A small switching yard can be found just north of the town center, the railroad serves several small and large industries from here.

Mar 17, 2016

A Closer Look: Berlin

Following our two older posts that took a closer look at the stations and industries between Hartford and Newington Jct., we now move a few miles further south to the next station at Berlin, CT. Berlin is a small town a few miles south of New Britain, CT, and a junction between the New Haven RR's Springfield Line, a short connecting branch to the Highland Line at New Britain and the remains of the abandoned Middletown branch that connected to the Valley Line and the Air Line at Middletown.

Mar 3, 2016

So Green

Outside the brick- and concrete jungles of the three big cities, green is the dominant color along our route.