Jun 20, 2016

Springfield Line 3.0 Coming to Steam

We have got a big announcement, the Springfield Line is coming to Steam. We have been able to enter into agreement with Dovetail Games to publish the upcoming and final version of our route as a DLC through Dovetail Games' Partner Programme.

We are very happy about this development, which we think also offers several advantages for you, the user. Among these will be the integration of the route into the Steam Workshop, career scenarios with scoring, and the possibility for us to publish patch updates, should the need for one arise, directly to your Train Simulator without you having to download and install anything manually.

Gary Dolzall has published a fantastic introductory article about the Springfield Line route on the Train Simulator website. It also includes several new screenshots.

Those of you who already own an earlier version of the route, please rest assured that there will an update to version 3.0 for you. We have yet to determine the specifics of that, including how much it might cost, but whatever we decide, you will not be forced to buy the route at full-price again just to get the latest version.

Jun 1, 2016

North Haven

Let's continue our trip south along the Springfield Line. Previously, we have visited the stations and industries between Hartford and Newington Jct., Berlin, Meriden, Yalesville and Wallingford, and taken a closer look at Wallingford's industries.

Today, let's move a few miles further south to North Haven, a town just on the outskirts of New Haven. The area's most defining features are the meandering Quinnipiac river and its flood plains, bordered by vast stretches of woodland. In and around North Haven, there are also several small and large industries.

A small commuter station is in the center of town, just half a mile north of the junction of the short line that leads to the Northbound Arrival/Departure Yards of Cedar Hill Yard.