Nov 16, 2016

Looking for More Things to Do in Springfield? Get Your Workshop Scenarios Here!

Have you already run all the scenarios that shipped with the route? Are you looking for more things to do in Springfield, Hartford, New Haven and points between?

Steam Workshop may be what you are looking for.

As of today, fifteen additional scenarios for the Springfield Line route DLC can be downloaded there, with a total playtime of well over ten hours!

I have created a Workshop Collection for all the Springfield Line scenarios so that you can find them all in one place. The collection includes a wide variety of scenarios, covering almost everything from yard switching to high speed passenger running. It features scenarios by authors StevenJam, RolandBP, tompallen, Joshua Harkness and me.

Here is the link to the Workshop Collection:

Enjoy the new scenarios for the Springfield Line!

Sep 18, 2016

New Haven Budd RDC for Springfield Line 3

The New Haven Budd RDC Add-On is back!

Updated for the Springfield Line route 3.0, our New Haven Budd RDC add-on is now available exclusively at the Trains & Drivers website.

All four RDC variants of the New Haven are included in this add-on: the passenger RDC-1, the passenger/baggage RDC-2, the passenger/baggage RDC-3, and the mail express RDC-4. All cars come in DuMaine and McGinnis era liveries. Versions of Amtrak rebuilt cars, with the headllights mounted on top of the roof ends, are included too.

This add-on includes four different variants of the RDC and replaces the former RDC Budd New Haven Pack1 and RDC Budd New Haven Pack2. If you already own the RDC Budd New Haven Pack 1, you have free access to this update. Just re-download through your customer account.

Sep 6, 2016

Budd RDC Returning to the Springfield Line

Anyone fancy a Budd?

Our NH Budd RDC model will soon make its comeback on the Springfield Line 3.0. We have updated the scenarios for the latest version of the route and testing is going well so far. The models should get re-released at our friends at Trains & Drivers very soon. Those who already own the old version will of course get a free update of the scenarios.

Aug 31, 2016

Trains & Drivers Update to Springfield Line Now Available

Trains and Drivers is now sending out the update links and instructions to all owners of the previous version of the route. Please check your inbox.

Please see here for more detailed update instructions and a brief FAQ.

Springfield Line 3.0 Complete Equipment Roster

This list details all the locomotives, freight and passenger cars that are included with the Steam version of the VNHRR Springfield Line, version 3. Please use this list to check which cars and engines are 'safe' to use for uploads to the Workshop if you own a previous version of the route and kept its equipment and assets installed.
Any equipment item not included in this list should not be used in Workshop scenarios!

Aug 25, 2016

Springfield Line 3.0 Released!

The VNHRR Springfield Line 3.0 is now available at Dovetail Games' Steam Store.

This is the full version, it does not require anything but the base game Train Simulator 2016 to run.

Read more here: Store Page for the Springfield Line
You can also download and read the full manual there.

Or go directly to the Steam Store page here.

Important Information for Owners of the Springfield Line 1.0 or 2.0

We are still working on the content update from an earlier version of the route to the new, final one. We regret the delays, there have been several unexpected issues close to the release that have forced us to start rebuilding the update package. It should not take us more than a few days, we kindly thank you for your patience. As previously announced, we will inform you here and directly via email when the update is available.

Aug 18, 2016

Springfield Line Version 3 Update Announcement

When will the new version be available?
The new and final version 3 of the Springfield Line will be released through Dovetail Games' STEAM Store soon.
Shortly after he official launch at the Steam Store, owners of previous versions of the route will receive an update offer from Trains & Drivers.
How do I get the update?
You will receive an email from Trains & Drivers with update instructions shortly after the release of the Steam version of the Springfield Line. The updating process will then be as simple as using a new installer provided by us.
We will also let you know here and at RailworksAmerica when we start sending out the update emails.

Jun 20, 2016

Springfield Line 3.0 Coming to Steam

We have got a big announcement, the Springfield Line is coming to Steam. We have been able to enter into agreement with Dovetail Games to publish the upcoming and final version of our route as a DLC through Dovetail Games' Partner Programme.

We are very happy about this development, which we think also offers several advantages for you, the user. Among these will be the integration of the route into the Steam Workshop, career scenarios with scoring, and the possibility for us to publish patch updates, should the need for one arise, directly to your Train Simulator without you having to download and install anything manually.

Gary Dolzall has published a fantastic introductory article about the Springfield Line route on the Train Simulator website. It also includes several new screenshots.

Those of you who already own an earlier version of the route, please rest assured that there will an update to version 3.0 for you. We have yet to determine the specifics of that, including how much it might cost, but whatever we decide, you will not be forced to buy the route at full-price again just to get the latest version.

Jun 1, 2016

North Haven

Let's continue our trip south along the Springfield Line. Previously, we have visited the stations and industries between Hartford and Newington Jct., Berlin, Meriden, Yalesville and Wallingford, and taken a closer look at Wallingford's industries.

Today, let's move a few miles further south to North Haven, a town just on the outskirts of New Haven. The area's most defining features are the meandering Quinnipiac river and its flood plains, bordered by vast stretches of woodland. In and around North Haven, there are also several small and large industries.

A small commuter station is in the center of town, just half a mile north of the junction of the short line that leads to the Northbound Arrival/Departure Yards of Cedar Hill Yard.

May 5, 2016

Wallingford's Industries

Following our previous visits to the stations and industries between Hartford and Newington Jct., Berlin, Meriden, Yalesville and Wallingford, let's have another look at Wallingford and its industries today.

Apr 14, 2016

Yalesville to Wallingford

Let's continue our journey south on the Springfield Line. Previously, we have visited stations and industries between Hartford and Newington Jct., taken a closer look at Berlin, and inspected the town of Meriden. Today, our journey continues to Yalesville, small village a few miles south of Meriden, and then on to Wallingford, the next larger town along the line.

Wallingford is similar in size to Meriden, the NH railroad also cuts straight through it. The passenger station with its beautiful depot building is located almost in the center of town. A local center of industry, Wallingford has several metal manufacturing companies and a large chemical plant.

Mar 26, 2016

A Closer Look: Meriden

In earlier posts, we have visited stations and industries between Hartford and Newington Jct., taken a closer look at Berlin, and now we continue our photo trip in the next stop along the line: Meriden, CT. The New Haven railroad's mainline tracks run through the middle of town, while the remains of the long abandoned Meriden,Waterbury & Connecticut River Railroad circle around town, used to reach a trap rock quarry and a couple of industries. A small switching yard can be found just north of the town center, the railroad serves several small and large industries from here.

Mar 17, 2016

A Closer Look: Berlin

Following our two older posts that took a closer look at the stations and industries between Hartford and Newington Jct., we now move a few miles further south to the next station at Berlin, CT. Berlin is a small town a few miles south of New Britain, CT, and a junction between the New Haven RR's Springfield Line, a short connecting branch to the Highland Line at New Britain and the remains of the abandoned Middletown branch that connected to the Valley Line and the Air Line at Middletown.

Mar 3, 2016

So Green

Outside the brick- and concrete jungles of the three big cities, green is the dominant color along our route.

Feb 25, 2016