Aug 25, 2017

New Haven GE E-33 for Train Simulator

Ricardo Rivera of Reppo has just released a beautiful new locomotive for Train Simulator through Dovetail Games' Steam Store. It's the New Haven liveried GE E-33, and what a fantastic model it is, too! Featuring astounding details and some very detailed controls (including cold start procedures), this new locomotive will surely see a lot of action on the Springfield Line and the New York - New Haven route.

Gary Dolzall has written an article about the new model's release here:

And my first Workshop scenario is available here:

Aug 4, 2017

Run the Aerotrain on the Springfield Line

...because, why not? The real Aerotrain might have never done that, but that UFO on rails looks lovely between the green hills and colorful towns along the route.

A two-part scenario with the Aerotrain on the Springfield Line is now available on the Steam Workshop:

Part 1:

Part 2: