Dec 11, 2015

New Signals

It's been a while since our last post here. We have been doing a lot of work "under the hood" lately, which was a bit difficult to capture with a screenshot.

One result of this process of tweaking, updating and fixing is that we now have completely new signals on our route. New models, scripts, the lot. This allows us to simulate the real New Haven RR's signaling rules much better than before.

New Dwarf Signals: used mostly in yards or where yard/industry tracks join the mainline. These could display the three aspects Stop, Restricting and Slow Clear on the NH, and so they can on our route.

Combined Tall and Dwarf Signals: used at certain interlockings, for example yard leads off the mainline or slow (15 mph) crossovers. The dwarf signal acts like a third head on these signals and controls the Restricted or Slow Clear paths through the interlocking.

New Gantry Signals for the elctrified territory: with their bulky gantries obstructing visibility, the NH had to use these slim signals and hang them between the overhead wires.