May 25, 2017

B&O Steam Action in the Workshop

Four fantastic new scenarios for the B&O Kingwood Branch have been uploaded to the Steam Workshop by RolandBP and Fleegle411.

Take a trip back in time and do some switching and a short branchline run with the AT&N 2-8-0 in RolandBP's scenarios "The Tunnelton Early Day Shift (part 1)" and part 2, or brace yourself for a brutally challenging run trying to get the Leviathan 4-4-0 up and down the insane gradients in Fleegle441's "Leviathan to Howesville" and "Leviathan to Tunnelton" scenarios.

May 20, 2017

Scenario Editor Black Screen Hotfix Attempt

RolandBP in the Steam discussion forums kindly informed us about a bug on the route that can cause the scenario editor to show a black screen (no lighting of the environment) when trying to edit a scenario on the Kingwood Branch route.

While I do not fully understand the nature of this bug yet, it seems to be related to the weather and/or terrain texturing settings in the RouteProperties.xml and TemplateRoute blueprint. I am linking a hotfix below, containing updated versions of these two files. With them, I have not been able to get the bug to show up any more.

Please backup the two original files first before installing the hotfix.

The modified files are:
Assets\VNHRR\WVN_Railroad\TemplateRoutes\West Virgina Northern.bin

Download link:

Installing this patch is not necessary if you do not want to edit or create your own scenarios.

May 18, 2017

B&O Kingwood Branch Now Available

The latest offering from the VNHRR Team, the B&O Kingwood Branch Route, is now available from Dovetail Games in their store and in the Steam Store.

Please follow these links to the stores to find out more:

You can learn more about this route, and see several new screenshots too, in this fantastic new article by Gary Dolzall: "The Essence of an Era".