Apr 27, 2017

NH Motor Cars and Coaches Now Available

Attention all New Haven fans: Rick Grout of G-Trax Simulations has just released a fantastic set of new models that will absolutely warm your hearts:

Available now for Train Sim 2017 are the 40xx series of steel interurban railcars that were constructed for the New Haven Railroad in 1920-1921 by Osgood Bradley of Worcester, Massachusetts.

These are truly wonderful models that will be the perfect match for your backdated New York - New Haven route scenarios, or even just to make the southern end of the Springfield Line look more alive.

You can download the NH motor car and coach set for free in the RailworksAmerica File Library.


Apr 17, 2017

A New Visitor Comes to Kingwood

The tired and light rails were creaking under our weight, but we made it. Travel by Train's new and absolutely stunning B&O GP35 has taken a tour on the Kingwood Branch. The massively increased power over the GP9 is very welcome for the engineer, but the thought that this might lead bosses to simply make the trains longer is worrying. Even a twenty car train with three GP9's can be tricky on this line with its huge elevation changes.

The GP35 is available in the Early Access B&O/Chessie GP35 pack by Travel by Train. We highly recommend this fine add-on locomotive pack for Train Simulator 2017.

Here are some pictures of our tour to and from Kingwood:

Apr 6, 2017

B&O Kingwood: Insane Gradients

Have a look at the Rollercoaster Ride that awaits you on the upcoming B&O Kingwood Branchline route. Only gradients greater than 1% are shown, there are hardly any stretches of level track on this route:

I think we don't promise too much when we call this the Appalachian Rollercoaster:

Apr 5, 2017

B&O Kingwood Branch: Coming Soon

Coming soon to Train Simulator 2017:

The B&O Kingwood Branchline Route
Appalachian Coal Hauling

Based on the West Virginia Northern Railroad, our new route takes you back to the Appalachian woodlands in the 1950s and 60s.

Experience the thrills and challenges of a roller-coaster profile with extreme gradients of over 4%, tight and twisting curves, and even a switchback. There's hardly a moment to rest when you running this route.

Find out more about our route here in this fascinating article written by Gary Dolzall for the train-simulator.com website: The upcoming Baltimore & Ohio Kingwood Branch route will bring to life classic, rugged Appalachian coal railroading!

The article above includes many new screenshots.