Aug 27, 2015

A request for support from the NON US community regarding the BNSF licensing issue

Found this on RWA this morning:
Hi all

As some of you might already know, DTG has withdrawn an additional 8 packs from the store for non US players. As you might now DTG no longer is allowed to sell BNSF content due to license issues outside the USA and they have withdrawn as a result two vital routes for the game, Marias Pass and Stevens Pass. A lot of uproar already has been on the steam forums and a petition to BNSF and DTG has been created on asking them to get back negotiating to resolve this issue. the text reads

We, the players of Train Simulator 20xx by DovetailGames urge both DTG and BNSF to renegotiate and ultimately reintroduce the BNSF branded content to players outside the USA. At least 2 of these add-ons (Marias Pass and Stevens Pass) are key and vital components for the game and are widely used in workshop scenarios and routes effectively rendering the bulk of the workshop unusable for the non US player
We urge both companies to go back to the negotiation table and find a solution that is acceptable for all parties involved.

The petition is ment for Paul Jackson CEO of DTG, Stevan B. Bobb Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at BNSF and Roger Nober Executive Vice President, Law and Corporate Affairs at BNSF​

you can sign the petition at ... de-the-usa​ and it would be nice if, even if you are not affected by this BNSF ban youself, to help you fellow simmer by signing it

Much thanks in advance to anyone supporting this

The full topic at RWA is here:
The petition can be found here: