Oct 27, 2018

TS 2019 64 bit & VNHRR Springfield Line

Several users have reported that the Springfield Line crashes in the new 64-bit TS 19 when starting any scenario.

We believe we have found a fix for the crash with the route in 64-bit TS. Wayne has tweaked the objects for the "global" (always visible) distant scenery items for a somewhat reduced resource footprint and that seems to have done the trick. (Don't ask us though why the original, more detailed objects work fine in 32-bit TS which theoretically should have less resources available for them).

Anway, here is a patch:
Just install it directly to your Railworks main folder and allow it to overwrite files. If you want to create a backup of the original files first, back up these:
- the entire folder Assets\VNHRR\Springfield\Scenery\Global
- the file Content\Routes\c427bd51-0f8f-4edb-948b-e9b5ceadd48f\Scenery\GlobalScenery.bin

Please note that this patch has so far only been tested by Wayne and me. We hope that it works for everybody, but we can't guarantee it. Please report back if it doesn't work for you and the crash persists even after installing the patch.