Jun 30, 2013

Jun 18, 2013

Feeling Blue?

The B&M and NH interchanged a lot of cars at Springfield, so naturally we needed some B&M cars on our route.

Jun 9, 2013

First Scenario Test

Some screenshots from our first scenario test, "Winter Coal Deliveries".
Still got some way to go, but we're getting closer and closer to our first release.

Jun 5, 2013

Rolling Stock

It's been a while since our last post, but we return with some good news: our rolling stock pack is taking shape nicely! We now have two new engines on our route, an ALCO FA/B-1 built by Mannu Pach and an ALCO RS-3 built by Dick Cowen, and our freight car roster is growing too. Only a caboose is still missing, then we can begin writing scenarios.