Sep 30, 2014

Penn Central Budd RDC Now Available

The Penn Central Budd RDC Pack has been released at Trains and Drivers. It costs €11.95, which includes 19% VAT for EU customers.

This add-on pack includes three variants of the Budd Rail Diesel Car (RDC) in the colors of the Penn Central railroad.
Included Cars:
- Budd RDC-1
- Budd RDC-2
- Budd RDC-3
Each car comes in the Penn Central RDC livery with "zebra stripe" end sides, the RDC-1 is also available in two additional liveries with red bands above and around the side windows.
Here's a preview video if you'd like to see the cars in action:

Sep 17, 2014

Penn Central RDC

The New Haven's RDC's were acquired by Penn Central in the merger and many of the cars remained in service on their home turf in commuter and branch line service in Massachusetts and Connecticut. They also got a rather striking new livery, which was heavily influenced by how the New York Central had painted their RDC's.