Aug 26, 2014

A Leafy Branch

For version 2 of the Springfield Line we've modeled a new set of 3D trees that cast shadows properly.  Here are some screenshots of the new trees in use on the Suffield Branch.

Aug 21, 2014


While the New Haven is famous for their huge fleet of ALCO diesel engines, they also had a sizable number of engines built by EMD and others. In particular the ninety EMD GP9s, classed DERS-4 by the NH, were in widespread use in both freight, wayfreight, and passenger (commuter) services.

Here's our model of a NH GP9 (kitbashed from my earlier EMD SD7).

Aug 18, 2014

Aug 14, 2014

Meanwhile, back in Connecticut

Here are a few new screenshots of the work in progress Hartford expansion of the Virtual New Haven Springfield Line. These show the stretch of track between Hartford and Windsor Locks, traveling northbound.

Industries at Wilson

Approaching Windsor

Windsor Yard

Hayden, last stop before Windsor Locks