Jun 24, 2015

New Wires

We are currently adding new telegraph wires on the route, using the new Train Sim autogantry system for their placement.

Jun 15, 2015

The Plan

Just a quick glance at what we have planned for our route project.

Red = Version 1
Orange = Version 2
Yellow = Version 3
Green = possible future expansion

Jun 3, 2015

Cedar Hill Yard

Phew! It is done. Cedar Hill Yard, the by far biggest railroad switching yard we've ever tackled in a train sim, has been placed.

Cedar Hill Yard was the main yard of the New Haven Railroad, and also among the largest yards built by any U.S. railroad. The whole complex served three mainlines (Shoreline, Airline, Springfield Line), consisted of several arrival and departure yards, two classification yards, an LCL terminal, a material storage yard, and various other facilities. It had almost two hundred yard tracks of a combined length of over 150 miles. Over ten thousand cars could be handled in it.

A few in-game screenshots, flying along the yard from northeast to southwest:

A view of the northeastern entrance to the yard: material yard on the upper left, creosote (tie treatment) plant to the right. The tracks in the middle are the northbound departure tracks (to Hartford).

This view is a bit further west: in the center is the north- and eastbound classification yard. The stub tracks in the foreground are the coal storage tracks.

Adjacent to the NB/EB classification yard is the LCL terminal (the spread-out complex in the center of the picture). The tracks to the left of it are the Shore Line departure yard, to the right of the picture are the Air Line receiving and Southbound receiving yards. The spread-out yard on the upper-right hand corner is the West- and Southbound classification yard.

Moving further west, here's a closer view on the west ladder of the WB/SB classification yard on the right-hand side of the picture. The tracks running diagonally through the middle of the picture are the Shore Line receiving yard, to the left of it are the west ladder of the Shore Line departure yard and most of the New York & Maybrook receiving yard. The NY & Maybrook departure yard is across the river.

The 2D map, zoomed far out

Jun 2, 2015

Progress in Hartford

Hello all,

Scenery work is progressing nicely south of Hartford and is now mostly complete from Union Station to Newington Junction. Only the final 'layer' of clutter objects and a few custom building models are still missing.