Dec 7, 2013

Update: VNHRR 1.0 Now in Beta Status

We have recently started beta testing the upcoming version 1.0 of the VNHRR Springfield Line.

Version 1.0 includes new rail vehicles, new scenarios, signaling & scenery improvements, and bug fixes. Most of the new rail vehicles have been revealed here on this blog before (the Budd RDC will not be part of the VNHRR Springfield Line, but released as a seperate add-on when it's done.)

New scenarios will put you in charge of passenger services, mainline freights, and local/switcher services. A new set of Quick Drives with more start points, destinations, and drivable trains to choose from will also be included.

Testing has been going quite well so far, so unless some unexpected major bug shows up we should be able to set the release date of version 1.0 very soon.

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