Jan 16, 2015

Four New Scenarios for the NH Budd RDC's!

Four new scenarios are now available for the New Haven Budd RDC cars and the VNH Springfield Line 2.0!

The scenarios can be downloaded for free on the Golden Age of Railroading website and include:
  • an all-stops passenger run from Springfield to Hartford
  • an all-stops passenger run from Hartford to Springfield
  • a Mail Express service from Springfield to Hartford in the middle of the night, with pick-ups along the way
  • an Express Freight run from Hartford to Springfield
All scenarios feature a good amount of AI trains and are of moderate to somewhat tricky difficulty. Each scenario is between 45 minutes and 60 minutes long.

We recommend playing these scenarios after installing the Hancock Whistle update we published yesterday for the four NH RDC's.

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