Sep 18, 2016

New Haven Budd RDC for Springfield Line 3

The New Haven Budd RDC Add-On is back!

Updated for the Springfield Line route 3.0, our New Haven Budd RDC add-on is now available exclusively at the Trains & Drivers website.

All four RDC variants of the New Haven are included in this add-on: the passenger RDC-1, the passenger/baggage RDC-2, the passenger/baggage RDC-3, and the mail express RDC-4. All cars come in DuMaine and McGinnis era liveries. Versions of Amtrak rebuilt cars, with the headllights mounted on top of the roof ends, are included too.

This add-on includes four different variants of the RDC and replaces the former RDC Budd New Haven Pack1 and RDC Budd New Haven Pack2. If you already own the RDC Budd New Haven Pack 1, you have free access to this update. Just re-download through your customer account.

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